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If you are like the vast majority of the general public, you probably have never heard of tonsil stones before.

While not well known, this condition is probably more common than most of us will ever realize. Because tonsil stones can sometimes present nothing more than minor symptoms that create little to no inconvenience for the patient, many people can live with the condition of years before the disease is diagnosed.

Even when the symptoms are moderate to severe, there is still the chance that the initial diagnosis will be for some other condition. More properly referred to as tonsilloliths, tonsil stones can make a significant impact on the quality of life.

Fortunately, there is a great deal that can be done to manage and eventually overcome this condition. Due to the wonders of modern medicine, the chances for obtaining an accurate diagnosis are much higher than even a decade ago. At the same time, treatments for tonsil stones have become easier to administer and often will produce results in a shorter period of time.

What Are Tonsil Stones?

Tonsil stones or tonsilloliths are collections of various matters that bond together and collect at the point where the rear of the mouth and the crevasse that houses the tonsils is located.

Essentially, there are several different types of matter that can go into the creation of tonsil stones. The exact composition of the stones will vary somewhat from one person to another, although all stones will contain at least two different types of matter.

In appearance, the tonsil stones can often resemble minute amounts of food that appear to have lodged in the area. Generally, the stones will be off white to yellow in color, and will almost appear to be something that could be scraped away with a little effort.

However, as the matter matures, it becomes increasingly calcified and adheres to the tissue with greater resistance. In the earliest stages, tonsil stones can appear to simply be bacteria that are present due to a cold or some type of throat infection. Often, antibiotics may be administered due to this assumption.

While this may help to some degree, especially in alleviating any minor outward symptoms, the problem is that the antibiotics will not remove pockets of the calcified stones which are tonsil stones.

Tonsil Stones Symptoms

It is possible to have tonsil stones for an extended period of
time, simply because the condition may be present without
exhibiting much in the way of outward symptoms.

However, if tonsil stones are not addressed, they eventually will
begin to make their presence known, and not in a manner that is

Here are a few examples of the more common symptoms of tonsil
stones that may be present.

Bad breath is one of the indicators that tonsil stones may be
present. This is usually identified as a symptom when the
individual does brush after meals, and even uses mouthwash to
freshen the breath.

Yet, an hour or so later, the foul smell is back and the mouth has a taste as if brushing and using mouthwash never took place.

Sore throats are often a factor in the presence of tonsil stones.
At first, we may feel as if the tonsils are a little raw, however,
the sensation usually graduates to feeling as if we are
experiencing a sore throat that is similar to the way we feel when
we have a cold.

Without treatment, all these symptoms will continue to increase in
severity. Along with experiencing a sore throat, and
dealing with bad breath, there is one other very common symptom
that may be present. This is a sense of there being something extra
around the back of the mouth.

This is because the presence of the tonsil stones is adding to the
mass of the tonsils. This extra mass may lessen the efficiency of
swallowing, which can also be inconvenient.

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My tonsil stones have become less since after following your guidelines.

I did purchase a water jet to clean them out. The first time I tried this a LOT came out. (kinda gross) Now when I do it I hardly get anything.

I thank you so much for your advise and will keep trying to stick to your dietary guidelines. :-) Tonsil stones have been one of the most embarrassing awful things to deal with and this has helped tremendously!

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You were right about the cause of tonsil stones !! thank you 100,000 times I am now busy telling people who should know ,or , who never heard of tonsil stones especially the ENT Drs.!!!

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I just purchased and read your ebook. I find it very helpful and I finally have some answers! I have a ENT doctor, and he is not helpful. He just wants to take my tonsils out... I thought he could at least assist me in removing what is there now since I cannot see it...He has been in the field for 30 years and I have found out more on this tonsil issue that he has as a specialist. I believe I have waisted my money with him...

Anyway, thanks for sharing your info with the is much needed.

Thanks for your time!

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After reading your book, I have followed your guidelines and the stones are a lot better. I use a dental pick to dig the stones out of my tonsils. That has worked for me for years.

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